Monitoring and Inspecting Railways 24/7 with high resolution camera’s


The Dutch Railway network is the busiest one in the European Union. Every day 1.157.260 passengers travel by train. Therefore it is important to place, maintain and service this complex infrastructure. GeoCamPro offers realtime visual information about the complex railways-network, close to train stations.


Realtime information on your tablet with Inspector

24 Hours a day, GeoCamPro shoots high resolution daylight and thermal images looking for possible defects. The image recognition software makes it possible to recognize latent malfunctions and perform service in a pro-active way. Images can be viewed live on our userfriendly, mobile G.I.S.-solution Inspector. From your office, home or in the field.


• Realtime (thermal) images of your assets on your Tablet
• Thermal images show defects in switch (point) heating, defect insulators etc.
• Unauthorized people walking close to / on tracks.

GeoCamPro is now available to help increase the safety and efficiency in your company.

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    • 24 / 7 Information


  • Manual and Automatic Scan Railway
  • View your assets realtime in Inspector
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Did you know?

From Data to Information

GeoCamPro can perform a full scan every 2 minutes. This generates a lot of (big) data. Our software is designed and optimized to gain easy access to the information you want to see. Our image recognition software helps you finding (latent) malfunctions such as defect switch point heaters.  

Mobile GIS Solution

Images taken with the GeoCamPro can be viewed real-time on your mobile device such as a tablet. The combination of high resolution thermal and daylight images give you a powerful tool to monitor and inspect your assets wherever you want, whenever you want.