User-friendly Mobile GIS solution

Inspector – Realtime Geo-Information on your tablet

Inspector is our user-friendly mobile G.I.S. (geographic information system) application.  This intuitive solution visualizes and plots relevant data on a map. For the GeoCamPro we combined and visualized different railway related data-sets. The unique part is real time images from the GeoCamPro are also displayed in Inspector.

• Combine different datasets
• Add your own datasets (WMS, WFS, SHP etc)
Add realtime images / video
• Mobile


Why Visualizing Data?
Inspector visualizes datasets on a map. Since a “picture is worth a million words”, using data visualization helps your colleagues quickly absorb and interpret the presented data. So why data-visualization?

Saving time
Less confusion

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Why use Inspector?

    • Mobile Solution


  • PC, tablet and smartphone
  • Visualize data on a map
  • Intuitive, User-friendly
  • Share with colleagues


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Did you know?

Combining datasets

One of the goals of Inspector is to combine and visualize different datasets in one, easy-to-use solution. Curious how we can add your dataset in Inspector? Please contact us at

Mobile vs Hosting

Inspector is a mobile GIS solution. Do you need Inspector to run on local machines? Ask us for the possibilities.