Geo-information and Innovation

The idea
GeoCamPro is a spin-off company of Secure In Air bv.

In 2012 we flew with a drone to inspect railways for ProRail, the Dutch organisation that takes care of maintenance and extensions of the national railway network infrastructure. Although the aerial results were good we came to a conclusion that improvements were needed based on the following requirements.

• 24/7 online
• Weatherproof
• Easy-to-Operate


With these requirements in mind the GeoCamPro was developed and produced. A robust, weatherproof mobile monitoring system which gives operators, employees and managers 24/7 valuable information about their assets. Now available for all contractors or government organizations.


Results Winter 2013-2014
During the winter 2013-2014 GeoCamPro was placed close to train station The Hague, Netherlands. Every 10 minutes a complete scan of different assets was made. Switch heaters, overhead lines and other objects were scanned for possible defects. 160.162 Files were generated, accessible a mobile device. In combination with our Image Recognition Software our client could perform maintenance in a pro-active way. Our goal is to generate specific data so we can assist our clients in performing predective maintenance.


Results 2014-2015
The GCP system had a big soft- and hardware update. Some tests were done at different locations, such as Utrecht Central Railwaystation. This is the biggest railwaystation of the Netherlands,  with more than 285,000 passengers per day. The results look very promising and several other pilots are being planned.

The system is currently stationed back in The Hague where it keeps monitoring switches, heaters and other cricital  components in the railway infrastructure.

Big Data
GeoCamPro generates a lot of data. To access this data our Mobile GIS solution is used. Together with image recognition software thermal defects can be detected so you can focus on your goal: a safe and efficient infrastructure.


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