• GeoCamPro: Remote monitoring

    GeoCamPro: Remote monitoring

    1: GeoCamPro is a mobile, remote monitoring solution. Large areas can be monitored and inspected. Inspect your valuable assets from your office, 24/7.

  • High Resolution Images

    High Resolution Images

    2: GeoCamPro carries high resolution sensors to provide realtime, detailed information about the status of assets.

  • Thermal Camera

    Thermal Camera

    3: GeoCamPro carries a high resolution Thermal Camera. It scans for defects or malfunctions with image recognition software.

  • Scanning for Defects

    Scanning for Defects

    4: One of the applications GeoCamPro performs is to scan and detect defects in the Rail Heating.

  • Inspecting Utrecht Central

    Inspecting Utrecht Central

    The GeoCamPro scanning the busiest railwaystation in the Netherlands, Utrecht Central

  • Inspector: Mobile Software

    Inspector: Mobile Software

    5: Inspector is our mobile, user-friendly GIS solution. Images from the GeoCamPro are displayed realtime on tablet, pc or laptop.

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innovatie GeoCamPro tussen BAM Rail en Secure In Air bv
Infrarot Inspektion von Weichenheizungen mit GeoCamPro Deutschland
Welcome at GeoCamPro. We offer a robust, mobile, remote monitoring solution. You can monitor and inspect a large area from your office, home or in the field. Share the information with your colleagues. GeoCamPro carries high resolution camera-sensors to provide you with realtime, detailed information about your assets.